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If give you the poker analyzer, do you know how to use it

His first interaction with the game didnt spark a ton of interest.

Many of us can relate to these days, as it's often how we got our feet wet in the poker pool.

The account he made was not under his own name.

Still a schoolboy, he soon lost touch with poker as he life carried on. After the poker show he watched on Friday nights stopped airing, Dzmitry focused on different things.

Being only 13, he used that of a relative to get things started.

A few years passed, then at the age of 13 he was again grabbed by the mysterious card game. While surfing the web, Urbanovich saw several advertisements to give the game a try for free, and also ads to get a starting bankroll of $50.

Urbanovich was skeptical at first, looking back and saying, "I thought it was fake. It can't be true that they're giving away $50 for free. How could that be possible?"

Once a legitimate website he often visited had the same advertisement, Urbanovich decided to give it a try.