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How to use the invisible ink pen to mark the playing cards

I am an ordinary family of children, I think mom is special to pull me, my sister has been particularly good. Every time I call seconds are hanging to me to fight back, but after living gave to everything else, such as schools pay any money, what to buy daily necessities, telephone network fees are deducted (where the cost of living from me only 1,000 living in second-tier cities is simply not enough).

Every time she would ask the family to live on, said there was no money, in fact, I have seen this deposit, and not so poor, she said, and made every time I asked her for a living is a kind of torment, whenever the money when there is guilt, how do?
This case, like many college students, 500 a month to the university, there is not enough activity or part-time with their own money, and I do not remember what year the National Day to go home, leaving him dozens of blocks, then a part-time day earn money to support themselves, their parents money not easy, all the old college also to their parents for money, that is ashamed.
The truth is that saving money can make you have motive to make more money. Some students try to because a sofisticated dealer in the casino like James, so that he can enjoy the job with high pay. He knows some players use the invisible ink pen to make the mark on the playing cards, sometimes he will remind of other players, but sometimes he choose be silent, cause that cheat players are in team work, and other players may wear some kind of specail contact lenses, then can see the juice mark. If this tricks be used in the magic show to entertain the audiance , that would be much better.