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How to Read Aviator Marked Playing Cards

Aviator playing cards is one of the classical poker cards manufactured by USPCC, the patterns of their backside are pale and simple, and the hard handfeel makes them popular to play Cardistry poker trick. What is more, they are also very suitable to process as marked Aviator cards. Do you know how to spot this kind of marked aviator playing cards?
The Aviator marked-cards made of invisible ink, which can hide in the pale and simple backside of Aviator playing cards, the marks are almost impossible to be discovered by people naked eyes. Only with the outstanding ultra luminous invisible ink marked cards contact lenses can you to read the cards from their marks on the backside just like see from the face up side. Another way is to wear the infrared sunglasses, they have the same function as contact lenses, at the meanwhile, this kind of ultimate sunglasses also can help you to hide your true emotion of the poker you keep and makes you look cool.
Is it very easy to read them?