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How To Mark Cards With Invisible Ink Pen

Invisible ink pen is a magic device which can make the content you write as a secret and others cannot read them by their naked eyes, and it is also one of the important device for poker players to mark their own marked cards. However, how to use invisible ink pen to mark an excellent poker cards?
Frankly, invisible ink is the easiest and simplest device for poker cards players to mark playing cards, it is as same as writing, but the invisible ink recipe is different. Like painting pen, the invisible ink pen needed to fill with invisible ink juice which can mark the invisible markings on the back of your poker deck of cards. The luminous invisible ink of our company is so professional that it is very excellent for marking poker decks. The markings made by invisible ink pen cannot be read by people naked eyes, only with the special device like ultra infrared sunglasses or luminous marked cards contact lenses can they read the markings.
Invisible ink pen can offer you an effective mention to mark playing deck of cards by yourself, and one pen almost can mark 60 decks of poker cards, if you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us for more information.