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How to make your dream come true

I was never big accredited Chinese women's life and values.


Like Chinese women's goal in life is to find a good man to marry, and birth a dozen children, and then completely lost themselves in a feather marriage life, a lack of respect for women and the protection of society groveling. Many times, I do not know what is the dream, gradually reduced male appendage, seeking lifetime just hold hands, and grow old. However, such a simple happiness, so small dreams, often by harsh reality hit pieces.


Man, won more than your dream? Marriage is the only way to survive your sense? Child, your only spiritual sustenance it?


Do have a faith, the pursuit, targeted women, to open up a new self, to create social value, to live a wonderful and beautiful woman of the others, do a blooming rose, rather than doing a greenhouse grass, men captive pets, vulgar wife and mother.


True happiness, not a man, marriage, children can give you, never Yes. 


Sometimes, the woman or girl thinks if she can get much money, she will feel happy. So some people will worship the poker king, cause he can become a millionare at one night, but seldom people knows he spent plenty of time to practice the poker skills and learn about the poker device, like how to wear the one to one contact lenses, then can read the one to one marked playing cards. 


No one can make the dream come true but without give anything.