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How to get money by luminous invisible ink magic show

Bill is a good magician, he likes to use different magic tool to show us a magic show. He have much experiance on that, and he can tell you how to get money by luminous invisible ink magic show. But he is not mean to make money, he also trying to entertain the poor people, when he see the smile face, he feel satisfy.


Is like after graduation in the city a few years moved brick, I found a rut with chronic suicidal feelings, once the blood dried up, the pursuit of a distant heart blurred. Down to be able to pick up, simply to resign, with six months to conduct a long walk, perhaps able to reproduce ourselves. Life than struggling in front, as well as poetry and distance calling.


This is not an aimless wandering purposes. Middle East, one is shrouded in smoke and poor land. War raged here, to the increasingly civilized Earth tales new scars. Along the way in eight countries and regions, I will go to visit eight Language unwilling to extreme environments but struggling, watch young distant countries.


Afghanistan's international volunteer camps in Pakistan the first Muslim female knight armed with AK47 road border guards, bite the bullet Peijiunvlang slum, no man's land where anti looters and so on. As a former reporter, I am eager to record their stories, which might inspire us to re-examine their distance.