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How to find the point of the event

After the failure to suppress public opinion, Zhao Fang began brewing counterattack. Beginning July 16, starring Leon Dai Taiwan independence and Japanese female shame China play Suwon suddenly apologized, but this development has exceeded the scope of the introduction of poison actors, into users of public opinion against capital controls.

Sicong admission, transfer and wear microblogging Comments: gentleman. After a large number of naval war, the network begins with big V populist, patriotic thief, the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution with the wind. Meanwhile, Baidu, Sina and other users Outlawing cripple remarks on the site can only see the washed articles.
Vicki event evolved into focus last capital strength and people's power contest, and this contest is actually two roads within the party, both directions of the indisputable reality show. Party media began to send out a completely different sound tendentious, army newspaper for the first time attention to such news, lambasting capital controls public opinion, but the People's Daily is only concerned with understatement independence.
Now the Internet has completely consumed on the two sides. In stalemate, people began to realize that even if capital controls the media controls the rights, the consequences could be disastrous for us, when all the information we know right now is that you understand the capital, the words we speak, has to go through authorized capital release, this is unacceptable to all of us, it will also make Chinese color revolution occurred.
If you love the country, you should not go the the Lasvegas casino, cause that belong to USA, but if this though is really correct? We still have to think about. It just like if you use the poker lens to read the marked deck card in other players hand in the bajara poker game, if that is correct or not? The point is not how do you cheat in poker, the point is why you cheat in the poker game. Reflect on the country patriotic,the point is in what way you show the country patriotic heart.
Recall that the network status of the past few years, have seen the news is full of negative energy, the following are just a news abusive government, every country that something will emerge some of the inexplicable name of "patriotism" in the name of ZZ, capital of the media are always the first to discover and focus on publicity. On online hinder the country who, on patriotic thief, even on unhelpful patriotic patriotism shameful theory. Think back in the end how much capital the media guide? The younger generation has been the subtle influence of the media's negative energy. When public opinion is capital controls, all our thought and speech are merely taught to our capital only.