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How this year growing fig grove

On the train, a night, the girl slept very fragrant, but I can only flounder, sleeping too narrow, crowded two people less than, say, the girl sleeping is not honest, I do not like being crowded, I will only sit.

Seoul microphone about along the way, lightning, wind and rain, can not sleep, listen to the symphony out of the window, the idea is to enjoy. Wake up to a touch of clear transparent, golden sun face shot.

So shall the sunrise, I do not know the mind dust for many years, fans look beautiful, feel through. It is like awake from a long dream, or like play a long round poker game, you never use some poker cheating device like the poker cheat perspective table, but you are still enjoy the game, and enjoy the dream

Because the train was late, home almost noon. After lunch, I went to take a look at how this year's growing fig grove, to see if the knot was a lot, as long as there is a like a jackfruit from the branches out of the head is actually bigger than the eggs.

Removed the fighting, a lot of mountain fruit, unripe pears, reddish plum, peach charming, whether hands were stained with pesticides, pick to eat.