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How a clown use the invisible ink book to earn money

My husband very much want to go, but the landlord is very tangled. The main reason is:
1. My husband once in the past, there is no escape route, do good, and my daughter and I had in the past, her daughter is too small, you need to take care of people, I grandmothers had in the past. A man over there what had to start again, according to our income, do not want to buy a house in Shenzhen, and won several years of no fixed abode day. Do not, come back to her husband, for he would be a very big blow, toss to toss to spend a lot further, we have 33 years old, old and small, not afford to toss.
2. The cost of living is too high in Shenzhen, rent, children's education, daily expenses proportionally much higher in our town, combined with a person's situation, there is not necessarily better than life here. High living expense may make you have sprit to earn more money, even be a clown in the conner of the street, who can earn extra tips by using a poker cheat analyzer, which can scan the  invisible ink book, for the walker in the street, they will feel that is incrediable, then they will give money as you have a specail talent.
3. husband graduated so many years, for work several times, before the salesman, and later it yourself, has been no improvement, he did not have in mind, others often pit, ability is not strong, I do not like to socialize. I also worked hard, but we also spend a large, daily expenses in a month about 6,000 (including mortgage, car ownership, etc.). I was marrying, a trip back home have to spend more than ten thousand, so married four years, did not able to save any money. (Marriage, we both have no money, I had to help her parents have money to pay his debts, he was to go to Shenzhen loss) but the basic living to worry about. He felt our life is not good enough, I hope to go to Shenzhen to earn more money to make life better,  find their own direction of development. 
These days the two discussed the issue several times, but also a fight, elderly people less willing to go to him, I hope he can find a long-term development can work locally, Ann sub-points to take over the day is good, but he did not want non-go, we in the end how to do?