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Hi-tech be used in different industry

Recently, the flying car is becoming a hot topic of traffic circles, according to foreign media reports, a US called "out of the earth," the company has introduced a more reliable flying car, the appearance of this car body and general automotive similar, but part of the door more than two foldable wings. Under normal circumstances, the wings can be folded;

When you want to fly, the wings would open, I believe that the general reader entities have not seen the vehicle, it is estimated that we can imagine this car transfiguration scene, after all, a process that has been practiced in the Transformers countless times . In addition, the auto giant Toyota also dabbled in the field early, and introduce a similar concept car;
Auto Expo in Tianjin, a Chinese car makers have exhibited "flying car" that is, whether it is the traditional start-ups auto giant, or under a new concept, but also the automobile industry or the less-developed area, we have to look spread to fly the automotive sector.
In the poker center, there are also trying to delovlp the new poker device like the flying car, which can make the poker scanner can fly in the air, but not let other people notice of it. That thoery is differ from the spy camera and spy eapiece. If that poker scanner camera can be developed succeeded, many people can be benefit.
Compared to Google's driverless cars, flying car has a stronger operational, after all, people already had experience running the helicopter, but its impact on the existing transportation system is Cuikulaxiu, it is possible now to change the city in one fell swoop traffic jam problems, and prospects for money King, was very tempting!