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He would have forgotten this convention

 I do not understand why a man once flow, something to remember past and imagine possible: "If ...... so ......" For example overtake Fei Ashu, now a successful career loving husband and wife, all this, in fact, nothing to do with Fei. If Fei agreed to his pursuit, Ashu certainly successful career, and her loving husband do? In fact with his loving, another woman, no relationship with Fei. So, imagine this time, the man is self-deception.

People are bound to change, feelings change. No one has been waiting for you in the street, nor a love not disappeared. Once there was a story about two people because of compelling reasons to break up, so in the streets at the tenth utility poles do not hold, and promised that a decade later times to meet. Ten years later, divorced woman, remember this convention, so look for that wire rod. May be long gone poles, naturally, could not wait for the man.
She meet him, when he seat on front of a poker table, she gliance of him, and see him using a lighter to light the cigarette, then put the lither on the poker table, then he did won lots of money, for others, it is like that he get talant on the poker game, but acctually he didn't tell that the lighter is accutally a poker scanner which can scan the barcode marked cards, then he can know who is the winner, when he got good hand, he used it to win.
Later, a chance encounter with the man, and asked him why he did not come. He said: "In fact, every day I had from there, but I've fallen in love with someone else, and the wife and kids, so ......" He would have forgotten this convention. And this woman, if not for the marriage, they probably can not remember the convention. Therefore, some agreement, was moved enough, the passage of time, you do not be true.
People's feelings is a flowing river, disregard the changing circumstances of this matter, but also a frequent occurrence.
I heard Fei in the end still miss Ashu, so contact him privately, think about him catch up. She did not want to renew old friends say so, but my heart is faint hope what point. Ashu come, potbellied appearance, not salty not pale with her to drink a cup of tea, he said after more contact, on the loose. Fei in his eyes, then you do not see a trace of hot pursuit of her, and even more than normal to meet old friends, still less of passion, he had disappointed. Today, she still guarding dead nor alive marriage, then why should regret missed.