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GS Poker Cheating Devices Kits

As one of the leading poker cards devices supplier, Golden Sunshine has all types of playing cards gambling cheating devices for sales.
For marked playing cards, GS can provide professional marked Copag marked playing cards, luminous Fournier marked cards, contact lenses Modiano marked deck cards, infrared BEE marked deck of poker cards, juiced Bicycle marked cards, magic Aviator marked-cards, scanning DAL marked juice cards, invisible ink KEM contact lenses marked cards and other brands poker cards. If you want to mark your own cards with special marks, you can send your cards to us and show what kind of mark you like to mark on the back of the poker, we can customize them for you perfectly.
As to scanning system, there are various appearances scanning system and scanning poker analyzer to match different people required. Such as wallet scanning camera, lighter scanning camera lens, cuff button scanner reader, water button marked poker cards reader; all-in-one AKK poker analyzer system, omnipotent Texas Holdem poker anayzer software, one-to-one poker Omaha anayzer distributor. They can help users to get 100% accurate game result in advance in the poker cheating cardsa game if they work with barcode marked cards.
There are different color luminous contact lenses match for different color eyes and ultra infrared sunglasses selling in GS. What is more, remote control dice, mini earpiece, vicrator also can be provided.