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Getting a chance to stand up

I'm not very optimistic about the market next week and beyond the market.


Tuesday true so-called "retaliatory rebound" can only be a moment. In fact, really want to escape, it is enough for a few seconds.


Do reluctantly flesh out, waiting for it slowly bled. I would like hunters, waiting gambled underpants it . Yes, you can lie down and play dead. But you have to lie a long, long time. Maybe finally getting a chance to stand up, bones, muscles have atrophied you. The government won a big pull, is 07 years, several times!


The Market is so like a gambling, you put all your money in it, when the market share is raising, you win money, when the market share is declining, you may lose all, sometime you may choose some soft program to analyze the market, it is like use the poker cheat products like the bicycle marked playing cards, but the market share is really undetectable, the soft program may not has real effect as the poker analyzer device.


The bargain-hunting mentality, adjusted for the shipment; ton output capacity, in order to maintain the body. Although some of the lost, not to go bankrupt. Want to win back their money, they will die faster, more ugly!


Decree of the stock market than the casino does not fly. I wish I was wrong. Common sense may tell me: do not bet to win, it is the eternal truth, stand posts as evidence.