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Functional CVK 350 Poker Hand Odds Calculator For Sale

The all-in-one CVK 350 poker analyzer is one of the hot sale poker winner predictors in market. With extensive application to many poker games, CVK 350 poker analyzer will be helpful in various poker card games.
All-in-one CVK 350 poker analyzer device that integrates a poker analyzer with a hidden built-in camera lens as a whole, so that you can work with alone or cooperate it with an extra playing cards scanning camera. CVK 350 poker analyzer can read the side marked cards at a higher speed than other regular poker analyzers, it will decode the codes of barcode marked playing cards accurately and report the poker results without any mistake. With powerful functions, CVK 350 poker hand odds calculator will read the suit and value of each playing card one by one or report the direct winner hand to you like the biggest winner hand or rank of each poker player.
CVK 350 poker analyzer can be used in many poker card games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Seca or other local playing poker card games.