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Fournier 2818 Magic Marked Deck of Poker Cards

Fournier playing cards is very popular in many countries around the world, and Fournier 2818 is one of the hot sale products, if you want to have a impressing poker game with Fournier 2818 poker cards, the marked Fournier 2818 playing cards we supplying can help you.
Fournier 2818 is made up by 100 percent plastic so it is very durable and extremely suitable to process as marked deck of Fournier 2818 marked cards. We marking manufactured Fournier 2818 deck cards with our special invisible ink, the marks on the marked poker cards are invisible under the natural light and people cannot find any defficti defect in the cards, and just regards it as regular playing cards. This luminous invisible ink Fournier 2818 magic marked cards only can be read by our special luminous contact lenses or infrared ultra sunglasses, of course, the powerful poker scanning camera and scanning system can read the barcode Fournier 2818 marked-cards clearly.
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