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What is the favorable playing juice cards of the magician

My sister and I grew up with his grandmother. Grandma now still alive. Child's grandmother, is a very very tough love money very explosive temper.

Grandma's stringent performance, five or six from the start, as long as we are within sight of her, they should stop doing housework. I started five or six chickens laundry sweeping pigs, seven or eight stations on the bench in front of the stove cooking, fetching water, Shimoda planting, growing vegetables familiar to most teens and tending the crops.

Grandma love of money, no matter how much the cost of living for parents to send her, she never said no money in front of us, let us everywhere make money from childhood to her. 56 years old I was selling vegetables in a nearby market every morning to get up five or six points a person walking early market thirty-four go next door to mine vegetables, as long as my grandmother said to sell every time sold; selling dishes, five cents three, does not need to be weighed.
Can remember my sister and I began to insert the barrel, the home-made firecrackers friends should understand is that the lead is inserted in the barrel, the barrel of a gun barrel cake a few hundred, and then insert a finished cake cannon, can get eight money. I remember as a child, one day I can be inserted up to five fourteen guns bread.

Insert gun cake is a good live. Without the sun, at home, not less money, grandma's face will be better. Persevering not always have such a good living. Idle grandmother let someone else's home early in the morning to cut grass fish, farm work or something. Anyway, a little time.
Our most memorable experience to make money is to pick bricks. Because the mountain next door to repair the temple, foreman mobilize children to pick bricks from the foot of the mountain, a brick two cents. My grandmother said nothing to me and my sister to pull over, the tool is ready for us. We were a small effort, pick up to about six blocks, three left and right three, to go mountain. Results sisters day we picked up more than 200 pieces, is the largest of all people, got five dollars, was to coax grandmother, then spent 0.3RMB  to buy a rotten apple tfor us to eat, we also relish eating I felt a hard afternoon are worth it. Just like a magician get the marked cards deck of marked playing cards, he trying to use the deck to give a good magic show to entertatain the audiance.