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The application of far infrared on poker marked cards and poker camera

In this world, some light is visible, some light is invisible. IR belongs to invisible light. Infrared also divided into near infrared and far infrared.

IR lens has wide range of applications, it can be as IR corresponding to special purposes, it also can be used as a normal lens. In other words, according to different occasions, the special infrared camera can be flexibly used with normal infrared camera.

The infrared can also be applied to the poker marked playing cards, poker infrared camera, far infrared poker system. Near Infrared on the use of poker is very broad, and there are a lot of poker manufacturers have mastered this technique. The far-infrared can be applied to the one to one marked playing cards, others can not detect your card, only your own poker camera machine can detect your processed cards.

All playing cards brand can be made to be far infrared marked cards, including the famous Fournier, Copag, Modiano, Bicycle and so on.