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Louzhu Sichuanese, graduating from college came to Guangdong to work and live, has settled more than ten years in Guangdong, the husband is Taiwanese, as his condition with Louzhu, also in Guangdong, spent more than ten years, have been accustomed to living in Guangdong. Recently because of Mr. business development to Taiwan, Fuchangfusui Louzhu handed over the work in Guangdong, followed him over.


in order to avoid advertising suspects here is not playing full name, because it is remarried, have children before their divorce with each other, so we do not intend Regeneration Friends of the basin, two Shenxianjuanlv like Happy survive the rest of his life, but forget. 
Mr. Big because I was fifteen years old, and sometimes Louzhu also think that if Mr. ahead of me after a hundred years, left Louzhu a person alone in a foreign land to survive the storm, nor heirs knee in the side, the situation will be very bleak but every time Mr. laughed Louzhu unfounded, think so far, do not necessarily who should die, he said that even the ancients are raising children for old age, but have to modern anti-child pension, you can not see the community are often eating old family it?
Came more than a month, although there is no work, but it is not doing nothing, before Louzhu is love sports, but the last couple of years because no energy after a flawless partnership with venture partner to do business, they abandoned the exercise, just now back to square one, and every day the time spent on the motion is about 2 to 3 hours, 1 to 2 hours to learn Taiwanese, 1 to 2 hours of practical interest in television news, plus buy food to cook, doing household chores Mr spend time chatting, basically Louzhu also arrange full day, even with the landlord of the students WeChat grab a red envelope did not make time to come and see, to finish this, we should do what the landlord abdominal training, come back to fix on what I see in Taiwan, there are pictures and the truth, I hope you do not go away.
For me, Louzhu is gambling on his husband, if she marry a good person, she can live a happy life forever, but if she marry a person with character not so good, her life story must with tears and sweater or cloud. But no one people can have a pair of infrared contact lenses which can see through the playing cards, then you can see through your life.  Life just likes gambling,  you have to try your best to lead the cards to win the rivals.

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