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Enjoy the life and go somewhere for trip

These days, tiger wounding Beijing Badaling Wildlife Park occurred, causing the network hot, put the blame on the high side to get off the woman. Yes, women are obliged to get off, which she paid a high price for their own injuries, his mother was killed by a tiger.

After the event, I thought, why not the first time security personnel opened fire to scare away the tiger? Is not equipped with security personnel did not give firearms? If security personnel can shoot or come up with a strong voice, the mother can get off the woman died it the first time? The answer is yes, do not die.

In China, I do not know why human life not life precious animal, a dog killed by a car, and killed more than a compensation for human life; tiger is the national animal protection, do it when you hurt, you can not shoot it ?

Women get off course, wrong, wrong she should pay with their lives it?


Life is like using infared poker camera to play the texas holdem poker game. Which means you are not poor, you have enough money to support your life, you can choose to enjoy the life and go somewhere for trip, if play harder, you can practise more, in case you can read each infrared ink mark on the playing cards, when you are familar with each simbal, you would win much at last, but if are just lazy to learn and act naive, then you will be a loser of your whole life, even lost your life.

I remember not long ago, the United States, Ohio, Cincinnati Zoo and killed a male gorilla, because of a 3-year-old child falls into a gorilla cage to climb the fence to protect the child, put the gorillas killed. Such a country is the people's park. Why can not the Chinese people's life in the first place? Why not condemn the people own the zoo, but condemns women to get off? As everyone knows, the next due to relief not to force, loss of life is you.