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Electric Clock Poker Spy Card Reader For Back Marked Deck Cards

In private poker club or casino, electric clock is not rare, and we can process them as a mini playing cards scanning camera for barcode marked deck cards, so that user can know the value and suit of each card in poker table and pass these information to their partners who participate in poker games secretly. Then, player can know how to play in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat or other playing games and bet according their enemies on poker table. We will know each card on any place of table.
1. There is no need to place any item on the poker table, it is very safe and convenient.
2. This electric poker scanner can know all the value and suit of marked cards clearly and quickly.
3. This poker spy card reader can transmit the information beyond 1 KM.
4. This poker spy card reader cannot be detected by UV marked cards contact lenses and UV black light.
5. Can play more than 150 playing card games.
6. This magic infrared poker spy card reader can see invisible markings on paper and plastic cards both.