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Does the duarable of the lens cards is important

 Many players are worry about the duarable for the marked cards for lens. Cause some bad quality supplier told me that the juice ink mark can only stay on the playing cards for one hour, then the mark will disappear. This way, when you open the cards, even you wear the specail contact lenses, you still read nothing on the marked cards.

But actually good quality ink marker can make the invisible mark to stay the playing cards for one month at least. and even if the playing cards open to the air. For the cards is keep sealed as original new decks, the juice ink can keep for years.
And also some kind of specail liquid can help to remove the mark, if you don't want other people to find out the secrect of your magic perfermance.
So worriy about the duarable of the cards is useless, the important part is do your best to find a good quality marked juice cards supplier.