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Do not set a goal about the money you will win

Honestly, it is very difficult to control the money you will win in the poker game. Many players like to setting a goal about the money they will win. But the problem is unless you are a god,or you will really hard to achieve your goals,winning the specific amount.

Although the poker skills have some influence on the game result, the skilled players, such as Gus Hanson,also can not predict that he will lose so much money in the online high stakes.

If you set the goals is not easy to control ,and often fail to achieve your goals because external factors,such frustration will hit you badly. For example,  if you intend to win $ 200 in two hours, but one day you're lucky , you win $200 within half an hour, you may end this playing time early, or you may play two more hours, and you not only did not win money, but lost $ 200, then in order to compensate for losses of up to $ 200 win goal, you will extend the period of time playing. And may be this time you can use some poker accessories like  poker scanner to win back.

Losing money is not the biggest matter, the matter is may be you will no longer to ready for your real goal. So you need to change these bad habits.