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Daylight Lamp Infrared Back Marked Deck Cards Scanner

When you playing poker cards, winning is the most sensational feeling, but indeed in playing cards games is full of uncertainties so no one can ensure can win all the games. However, using our daylight lamp poker card reader, you can have more odds and can avoid many unknown risks.
As a revolutionary device in playing cards games, the daylight lamp poker scanner can be worked with all kinds of infrared back marked deck cards in various poker card games. With secret hidden small pinhole poker cheating scanning camera lenses inside, it has no flaw in appearance and hard to be found by others. t need to operate with partner, in the poker games, it can help one of you who in monitoring room read the cards opponents have and pass the details via vibrator or mini earpiece. After collecting all the information, is it very simple to you to make a good bet?
The scanning range of the daylight lamp scanner can long to 5-6 meter, if you have special requirement, we can customize one for you.