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Copag Master Marked Deck Cards

With stringent marked cards printer machine, luminous invisible ink as well as professional technicians, GS can provide best master marked cards for various customers.
Made of 100% PVC plastic, Copag Master poker cards are completely washable that you have no need to worry about soiled cards, and extremely durable, it is capable of handling the wear and tear of normal games outlasting paper cards up to hundreds of times. They are poker size with either regular index or jumbo index. Each set comes in two decks, one red and one black, both packaged in a hard plastic case.
We can process Copag Master playing cards as marked decks in various ways.
1. Contact lenses marked Copag Master playing cards. It includes invisible ink marked cards and infrared back marked deck of cards. Our sophisticated technicians mark the suits and value of each piece of cards on their backsides. For the former one, you can read the points and value with our marked cards contact lenses or perspective infrared sunglasses. For the later, you need to read them with infrared poker scanner.
2. Edged barcode Copag Master deck of cards. In the four edges of each piece of playing cards, there are invisible ink barcode was marked along the cards edge, only work with the poker predictor scanner can you read the barcode signal, what is more, it also can work with poker scanner and poker predictor to help you forecast the poker games results accurately and secretly.
All the markings can be customized, which kinds of cards do you prefer?