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The work way of marked cards with invisible ink contact lenses or infrared sunglasses

 Have you ever used marked cards? Are you familiar to marked cards?

You maybe have used marked cards for contact lenses, contact lenses marked cards are very popular among poker players and it is very easy to use marked cards for contact lenses. The invisible ink marked cards should work with infrared contact lenses or infrared sunglasses together, when you wear infrared contact lenses, you can see the marks on the back of marked cards.

There are many brands of contact lenses marked cards, such as Copag marked playing cards, Modiano marked playing cards, Fournier marked cards poker, Bee marked cards, Bicycle invisible ink marked cards and Kem contact lenses marked cards and so on. You can choose the cards that you usually use when playing poker games, our poker cards are original imported cards. You also can send us the cards, then we mark the cards for you.

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