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Consider before setting out to the ship in danger

 The so-called small boat U-turn, a large ship can only beg the Wenzhongqiujin. Why say "ship"? Very appropriate because the stock market as the sea, the sea there is wealth, but the need to ensure safety and then for the rich. It allows you to carefully consider before setting out to the ship in danger of one hundred kinds of factors, I have to say exaggerated it?


There is no U-turn lucky during the poker game or the share market, cause in the poker game, when you lose the game, you may lose all pennys, when you lose the market share, you may lose your family, so if there is any things can provent you from the lose? In the market, there is some analyzer program which can help you to avoid the risk. In the poker game, you can use the chip tray poker scanner, which may help you to find who is the cheater in the poker game, cause the poker scanner may find the signal of the poker analyzer.


No! Indeed, the risk of the stock market than many people imagine. Some people say experienced two of CBBC cycle is hard to say you mature! I recognized this point! In the market the longer the more awe market.


Why is it more important than certainty chance? Opportunity Is unimportant? Opportunity is of course important! Speaking opportunities who does not drool? Opportunity is often wealth ah!

But there is no certainty of chance destined to be a temptation not available, especially in large and small market opportunity exists, how to determine what is worth me to grasp the opportunity?
Chances are how emerging? How to appear after the screening? These are the investors need to understand the problem first.