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Colored perspective contact lens is divided into several kinds

Colored cheating contact lens is divided into two kinds, one is a colored perspective poker mahjong contact lenses, the other is the human perspective contact lens. Perspective contact lens for poker and mahjong generally includes infrared and UV contact lens, as well as the white light contact lens, infrared and UV contact lens is doing better in seeing through the marks of poker and mahjong.

There are a lot of sales outlets promote human perspective contact lenses to consumers, it is said that human perspective contact lenses can penetrate the clothes to see the body. Human perspective contact lens is according to the principle of thermal radiation, the temperature of the body and clothes is not the same as the outside air temperature, the temperature difference will produce infrared radiation, and then human perspective contact lenses is able to see the body under the clothes.

But experts said that the current science and technology can not achieve the full perspective effect, so now human perspective contact lenses on the market still do not have the effect they describe. Those who say that the contact lens soaked in a special liquid after 20 hours can see through the various cards is fabricated.