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Cigarette Poker Scanner For Poker Analyzer

This is a practical and secret poker camera which is insert into every kinds of cigarette box. You can put this cigarette box poker scanner wherever is good for the poker camera to read the marked deck of cards that have been shuffled already after taking out a cigarette to smoke.
After the scanning, the cigarette box poker scanner will transfer the cards information to the poker analyzer you linked before. The cigarette box poker scanner can work with different types of poker analyzer software, like CVK poker analyzer and AKK poker hand analyzer. Once the poker analyzer device finishes analyzing the signal, you will hear the poker result immediately through the mini earpiece in your ear.
Apart from cigarette box, we also can install the poker camera into many items and make them as poker scanner, like power bank playing cards scanning camera, car key poker scanner, watch poker scanning camera, lighter playing card reader and so on.