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Chip tray scanning camera for poker gambling

If you are a dealer in a casino, the most familiar things for you, maybe are the playing cards and the chip tray. And if you also want to win money when you are not in the poker game, you can try our chip tray scanning camera for barcode marked cards.


The plastic chip tray we choose to install the poker scanning camera is made of ABS plastic, so it is very endurable. The other reason why we choose this kind of plastic chip tray is because of its ordinary shape, no one will realized or noticed that it is a spy scanning camera for poker gambling.

Once think of the poker scanner, barcode marked deck and poker analyzer predictor system will come into my mind, and so as the bugging earpiece for listening the scanning results.

There are three types of this chip tray for you to choose: chip tray with one poker scanning camera, chip tray with double poker scanning camera and chip tray with four poker scanning camera. So, their scanning distance of width is different. The width scanning distance for one is 17 cm, for double camera is 24 cm and for four camera is 36 cm. But you can customize the length scanning distance as you like.


If you are interested in this plastic chip tray scanning camera for barcode marked cards, you are welcome to contact us. We will show you the pictures and videos about it.