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Cheating is not a good way

In early April last year, due to the undue influence of the peer review process and problems, academic articles authenticity could not be guaranteed, BMC announced the withdrawal of Britain's leading publishing 43 scholarly articles, in which 41 authors from China, to China Medical University, Sichuan University and Shandong University and other 38 institutions.


A few months later, the British parent company of the German Springer publishing BMC Publishing Group announced the withdrawal of its 10 academic magazine published 64 papers, someone's authors, mostly from China.

This is mean people cheat in the artical even, serval decades ago, they just cheat on the poker game by some kind of infrared camera to read infrared invisible ink, and the some cheating skills by moving hand so fast that other people cannot notice. for now, they even cheat in the artical circle. It is not mean winning money during the poker game, that is spiritual bully.
Repeated academic misconduct, for a long time an ambiguous attitude has a direct relationship with the parties concerned. Papers often withdrawn, damaged the overall image of Chinese researchers. Ironically, the paper said revocation event many parties are almost safe. No one universities, research institutions stand up position, nor any individual for this blush.
Surprising administrations, universities knowingly false but in limbo, because no one is accountable fraud, objectively facilitated the spread of academic misconduct wind.
Academic misconduct investigation, remodeling academic integrity, the need to come up courage ton output capacity. Minister of Education Chen Baosheng, "new broom sweeps clean", some people burn university sore spot. "Approach" clearly states that "in order to remain anonymous, but the facts are clear and sufficient evidence or clues to clear, colleges and universities, as the case should be accepted and universities open to the media reports, involving school personnel other academic institutions or social organizations proactively disclosed academic misconduct, should be based on the terms of reference, to initiate investigation.
"Once identified as constituting scientific misconduct, ranging from reprimand, termination or revocation of the relevant research projects, and eligibility cancel within a certain period, the revocation of academic reward or honor, weight may be dismissed or dismissed, and may even give a warning, demerit, reduce post grades or dismissal, dismissal and other sanctions.