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Do not take all things for granted

Marriage needs to manage. It is not to say that you enter into a strongbox after you get marrid. Do not believe everything your husband do is behoove. In fact, marriage is carefully holding porcelain. Do not put all done chaperone for granted, because that is arrogant and numb. You should understand that this is a love of your companion. It is considerate, unique and precious.


In fact, women's attitudes towards marriage are like men's attitudes towards sex. If you are a male and a relationship, you will slack, feeling all is well, the performance is not as big before, and you marry him? No way. Woman in a marriage is the same token, if you slack off in marriage, and feel each other's good, and make each other feel loved in this marriage, was necessary, he will naturally want to find another he felt good person, so he was not punishing you, but marriage rules by his hand to punish you.

It is so lucky to have a man who loves you and a harmonious family. Parts of a million people in the survey shows that a husband is not derailed, it has gone beyond the 50% of the men. And if your husband is not having an affair, that is indicating you have extremely lucky.


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