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Chinese culture has a history of several important phases, the first one is the Zhou Dynasty, which was established school age.

Development of man and nature to the Zhou Dynasty, the day after a man with a long-term study into the system. Astronomy explore the laws of Heaven, people learn how to explore human relations system coincide with God, in order to reach Heaven, Confucianism formally established.
Astronomy is known as the Book of Changes, mainly worldview, and later developed into Taoism.
Humanity is called Zhou, mainly methodology, and later developed into Confucianism. Even during the processing of the culture melt, there will be some people in bad way, like people will think can i invent some contact lenses that can see invisible ink, then i can make money by it, and also bring me a good frame that i am a inventor.
Consistent view of the world, not the same methodology, there has been contending situation when the Spring and Autumn Period, the last Confucian dominance.
"Book" this book, talking about science, like, the number of accounts. In fact the core issues discussed, is divided into two, yin and yang opposites system conversion unified view of the world, "moral" view of the world is written specifically for this specification. Confucius in his later years learning "easy" Wei compiled Ruin, Brief Encounter. why? Heaven is also a reason, this is not exactly humanitarian Grandmaster much sentiment from Heaven in it? Taoism and Confucianism seen this same root. Patriarch year two sympathetic, my expectation unworthy younger believers play tears nose? This is regarded as Beans burning dichotoma, or about old urchin each stroke it?