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Cell Phone With Poker Camera Lens Inside

Poker scanning camera lenses can be installed in various kinds of items, and among them, the cell phone poker camera are popular.
Cell phone poker camera is very safe and secret to use. Our experienced technicians have set a mini poker camera lens inside and then the regular cell phone has become a secret poker camera. What is more, this special cell phone poker camera can be used to make phone call, send massages and listen to music. The scanning distance of a cell phone poker camera is short, only about 10-30cm. When playing poker games, you just need to put this cell phone poker camera on the table and then it will scan barcode marked cards automatically. This poker scanner could work together with any poker analyzers and then you could win money safely and secretly.
Besides selling cell phone poker camera, we sell lighter poker camera, car key poker scanning camera, water bottle playing cards scanning camera, USB cable playing cards scanner, lighter poker card reader, watch poker spy card reader and wallet poker predictor scanner and so on.