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A cards magic show in the subway

An unhappy thing just happened.

I take the subway to work out, the car was basically no position, leaving a vacancy next to me. Then came a family of three, the children probably about 3 years old, because my mother and the children are relatively thin. So the child the mother and children two people can just sit in my room next to father a child standing.

This time the child suddenly hit me hard, shouting while playing, do not let you sit here, I want to make my dad take this!
I froze for a moment, then hit me in the side of the child still while crying.
In fact, the seat itself is pretty does not matter, but it was that the couple did not say a word, there is no meaning to stop children.
I feel very angry, then he glared at the child a mother say, manage your baby right!
Child mother an apology did not just put the baby to the other side, the children still crying shouting, crying and shouting, aunt bad, do not give my father the seat, I want my father sat next to me! Aunt bad!
Apperantly, the Child is not well educated, i can just ingore him, but i remenber that i have a poker cheating glasses for the magic show in hand, so i have just wear the luminous sunglasses, and take out my precious invisible ink marked playing cards, and let him see, and i guess each piece of the playing cards, then the child eyes become calm, and i can see a little worship from his eyes. and he stop crying.
Parents just like to get candy to coax the child, we do not have any education.
The child cried for nearly 20 minutes about it, I get off the bus, the children sat on my father just seat.
Then the child with the father said the child, good baby, you sit with Dad!
Then suddenly the mother said the child: now the little girl ah, some pity! Really cold! Watching the children cry!
Child father said, no way, people are like this now, I do not understand respect and care.
What is your little care for the young ah I'll make everything for you, ah, what are you doing I'm going with you ah. You're not the emperor. Really bear children bear their parents. Your child is not my child. Off others what to do. But not everyone's children.
The landlord not to worry, look at the old-old, the child will be someone learned.