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Capture the picture like the Auto poker camera

The outset, I do not have the experiance to lecture others, due to some objective reasons as we all know, this post turned into a lecture postings.


Well, I do not blame themselves, do not blame others. Now come this far, I will talk about their own ideas.
And everyone else, put it plainly, I'm a photography. Moreover, according to still belongs to the kind of poorly.
On the other hand, since ancient times, the text first, weapons-free second, not to mention photography this matter, each preference is an objective reality but a huge difference, I can not arbitrarily say that a picture is good or bad, I just You can talk about my own thoughts on this photo process, not necessarily wise, but not necessarily true. But compared to more master, my photography also has its own advantages, it is courageous, thick-skinned, a little love showing off.
So, yes, I want to say is, if you think I'm saying you have some help, I am very pleased. If I say you object, put it in my heart, do not say here.
Take photo is not like the auto tracking poker scanning camera, which can scan the barcode deck themself, and don't need the poker player to anjust the focus point, so we need have patience to wait for the beatiful moment, the press the flush button.
I would like to say one more thing, I'm not majors in college, no theoretical level, only poor practice, but I've always longed for an easy to understand photographic networking opportunities, we the sake of discussion, expressing his views, peace and patience, not mutual accusations, not to curse. If so, I am willing to spill their wine, a dabbler.
Indeed, I have been looking forward to the opportunity came, I did not think himself the party.