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We are trying to explore life, but in the end found that life is a dream

We tried to control the destiny, in the end always be a twist of fate; we are trying to explore life, but in the end found that life is a dream; we're trying to individuality, but in the end tend to be assimilated groups. "Unhappy life, nine out of ten," Since we can not control destiny, we will go with the flow, to find the inner self, do not lose yourself, achieve inner peace! Life simply, happy point will be long.

To know how to forget. The greatest pain originated from the pursuit of perfection, you know, the true light is not without its dark moments, but never as darkness flooded Bale. Our life is the same, he endured the pain to run, with tears smile, this is the real life.

To know how to give. Life is like a play, everyone is the sole director of your own life, only know how to give people who can deep understanding of life, laughing life, always have a good mood. "Willing to be willing," There was only homes.

To appreciate. With an appreciative look at people and things, we will be happier. In fact, every person has advantages, also have disadvantages. Why should we take a magnifying glass Man, not with a telescope to enjoy it?

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