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How to mark a deck of Bicycle poker playing cards

The first step is to take out a new common Bicycle playing cards, tiled the cards in order on the table, the poker face is downward. And the took out a prepared ink potion, or you can buy a poker invisible ink pen.

The second step is to use a pen to dip a little bit of ink, and then slowly scribbled on the back of Bicycle poker. You can write all kinds of numbers and signs, as long as you can identify them. And you need to notice that do not write too hard, or the ink will be exposed, that means that you can see the marks without a poker contact lens, and others can see the marks with naked eyes. After finishing the writing, wait for drying, just need 3 to 5 minutes.

The third step is to test the effect, using poker glasses, if you can see the marked numbers and suits clearly, a good effect Bicycle marked cards is finished. It is difficult to control it, practice more times will make it better.