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Better not talk with them outside of work in the business sense when chatting

They are less rigid than the Germans, a little more enthusiasm than the French. But in dealing with business transactions usually not emotional. But the Chinese and Japanese are not the same, they are not going to consult his colleagues, but do not want to rush position.


If you give them a deadline to make a decision, they will not even bat an eye to immediately been finalized, it is their ability to deal with the crisis. So, if you do business with Italy, it is best given in a period when they do not want to rush position, but also encourage them finalized.


Interestingly, the Italian government never afternoon office, government workers are generally engaged in second or even third job, and worked until late, this is not a secret secret. They have their own business secrecy, of course, people do not want to mention these things. So, you better not talk with them outside of work in the business sense when chatting.


That is means when the set beside the poker table, it wasn't mean they will use poker table scanner to detect the barcode invisible ink cards


Italians like to argue, if permitted, they would argue all day, especially in terms of price (and the Spaniards and Greeks do not do business in the nap). Italian people have a habit of saving, they always strive to pay less, but the product quality, performance and delivery date matters less attention. We can make use of this feature to contract.