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You can know the game result before dealing the cards

Cash game strategy and tournament strategy is very different, but the biggest difference between them is that: Tournament mission is to survive. Once your chips did not, you are in the tournament lives are gone.
That's why you have a number of stacks, stacks compared to the blinds rising and how much of these problems you have to know the answer. Your strategy in the game is determined by the amount of your stack, that is, the saying goes: see food to eat tailored.
There is a straight way to avoid lose the chips, Texas Hold'em scanning system can predict every player's hand before dealing the cards, so if you know your hands is not good, you can out and wait for a good chance to win more.
"The value of chips because of the amount of change", which is the tournament strategy proverb. When the tournament began, compared to the blinds, the amount of your chips is very high; but with the blinds up, also several levels of thing, you can shrink the amount of chips a lot (compared to the same blind terms).
The less your chips, the more you should pay attention to make your chips remained at a healthy level.