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Barcode Marked Deck Cards For Texas Holdem Poker Game

More and more people like to using poker analyzer, and the demand of barcode marked cards are increased. The edged barcode marked deck provided by our company praised widely.
We can processed all brands of playing cards to be marked barcode playing deck cards, no matter paper materials poker cards or plastic materials poker decks they are. For example, we can supply many kinds of marking cards, Copag marking playing cards, Fournier marked deck poker cards, Modiano invisible barcode marked decks, Lion marked deck of poker cards, Aviator marking cards poker, marked Bicycle cards, KEM magic marked barcode decks, marking BEE playing cards and so on. If you playing Texas Holdem games, the scanning camera of Texas Holdem poker analyzer system will read the marking barcode on the marking deck cards automatically if they are dealing into its scanning scope, and the poker analyzer system will analyze the barcode signal once receiving it. Finally, you can get the accurate poker game result via mini bluetooth earphone.
Are you interested in them, if yes, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Besides, you can send the poker cards to us, we will process them perfectly.