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The development of baccarat

Baccarat is a original game in ancient European countries, but has been unable to verify invented by Italian or French. Baccarat is a very old game, for couples centuries, have been the rise of popularity in various countries on all continents, the rule is constantly changing and improving, so there is the present rules of the game.

We can see the baccarat game played in every country. In earlier times the most popular French version of Baccarat, the French version of the "Chemin de fer" was popular in the UK, the French version of Baccarat Romans, and after the rule was changed by the British, the British called this game European Baccarat. In that time, we still do not know the marked playing cards.

Then the baccarat removed to South America. In the late sixties, a man named Tommy, take the game called the Chemin game to the United States, this is Baccarat Chemin, and is the European Baccarat combination. Since the sixties Cuba shut down after Havana, and in the land of sand dunes Las Vegas quietly rising, and then legalized.