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The difference between the rich and the poor

Some people said that the rich and the poor are without difference.

What is the live of a rich man? Material enjoyment, food choice, luxurious decoration. They lived on Earth in a big house, drinking the cleanest water,  eating finest food, decorated with the top house design.

What is the live of poor man? No high-quality stuff, no the most clean water, no finest food, no beautiful decoration.  They have their own thatched house, drinking surface water, eating organic food grown in the land, decorating with the most common flowers in the country.
The rich enjoy all the money brought, all material enjoyment, private plane, private island, private golf course.

The poor enjoy all the spiritual brought, insects quiet night, the happiness of fishing in the village river, the breeze from the fields.
It seems that no matter the rich live or the poor live, both are good.

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