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All In One CVK 400 Poker Analyzer Device Playing Card Game Soothsayer

With the advancement to the technology of marked cards device, poker analyzer have been advancing rapidly and become more functional. CVK 400 poker analyzer device is one of them which can help user to be a soothsayer in any playing card games.
In fact, the all-in-one CVK 400 poker analyzer software is a real cell phone of Samsung brand. There are double playing cards scanning camera lenses built inside this phone and we also install the poker odds calculator software into the phone. Therefore, you can receive the accurate poker card games results in advance with this CVK 400 poker out calculator without any suspicion from other players. Applied to poker gambling, it will read the side marked cards quickly. With the good advantages of two playing card scanner, the cards can be scanned in a wide range with 100% accuracy. And then, the marked playing cards analyzer software will analyze the poker result you need.
CVK 400 poker analyzer software can not only report suits and values of each card one by one, but also analyze who is the best winner hand or other each player poker ranking. By taking this good chance to know the poker result, you can use it for many poker games such as Texas, Omaha, Blackjack and Flush.