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AKK Magic Marked Cards Poker Analyzer

AKK poker analyzer, the best poker analyzing devices at present, providing new magic poker playing experience for every one.
The appearance of this magic poker analyzer just look as same as normal mobile phone, and keep all the functions what a cell phone has. Compared with normal poker analyzer, the AKK analyzer system increases the new image correction technology and work better than the old 5 to 6 times. What is more, it can scan the barcode marked playing cards in the right to left inclination of 40 degree and 180 degree rotation on the vertical. Its blurred image make it can read t he folded barcode marked poker cards in clear the fast.
AKK can change the number of players and read the next coming marked deck of cards in the scope of 5 meters by wireless remote controller, playing as poker soothsayer to predict the game result with image by screen display in number mode, the game result also can be sent to players by wireless Bluetooth mini earpiece. What is more, if can help users t o know the first winner and the second one via vibrator.
This magic powerful AKK poker analyzer impressed all marked cards players with its extraordinary performance. If you want to know more details of it, please feel free to contact us.