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AKK K30 All In One Poker Probability Analyzer

Have you ever used AKK K30 all in one poker analyzer? Do you know that it is one of the best poker hand analyzer for poker player to forecast the playing cards results accurately?
AKK K30 all in one analyzer would not disappoint anyone. With a hidden scanning camera lens which scanning distance is 10-30cm, K30 poker analyzer device is popular by many poker players. This sensitive scanning camera could be used to scan different brands of barcode marked playing cards. They are Bee magic barcode marked cards, Bicycle edged marked cards, Copag barcode marked deck of cards, KEM barcode marked deck cards, Fournier barcode marked poker cards, Aviator marked decks, Lion scanning playing cards and so on. After scanning those barcodes and then it would give out the game result quickly and user would easily know the biggest winner, the rank of all poker players at the table, the first winner and the second winner or other types of game results.
A good device can help you a lot in poker games. Besides AKK K30 scanning system, we also have other marked cards kits for sale, if you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us.