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low price for copy products in bad quality

According the new report, China has a lot of high imitation goods, their appearances are high similar to original one, but they are in bad quality, so they can be sold at a low price. Recently, some customers ask us why the other company can sell the marked cards at low price, and why we still insist on high price. “If you can give me a reasonable price I will buy from you.” Dear, we always sell the marked deck of cards and infrared contact lenses at a reasonable price. Low price does not amount to a reasonable price. If they are really useful, then you earn it, if they are useless, even that you can see the invisible ink with naked eyes at the very first time, then you just waste your money.

And we can guarantee our marked cards look as same as the original cards. Imagine that if someone just fined your cards are different from the original one, then how can you explain?