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A wonderful trip in orient

Before coming to China, I am looking forward to China. Last year, I came to China, in the city of Yanji, Jilin Province, Yanbian University to study Chinese language. I think Chinese is a very interesting language, I have learned to communicate with Chinese partners China and small, but I would not say tongue twister, tongue twisters bit difficult.


Chinese saying everyone knows it, is called "a paradise under the Jervois," Now, I know that I am a great yearning Suzhou, Hangzhou, take the time to go again. Hangzhou is a beautiful scenery place, which has a lake called Lake, a lot of ancient Chinese poets have praised it. White Snake and Xu Xian there is the story, and I appreciate the beauty of southern China, and its graceful elegant customs.
In the winter, I came to Heilongjiang Province, went to Harbin. I would like to see a very famous Sophia church, I know the history of the church, it is 1907 a Russian architect to build it, but also in the Far East's largest Orthodox church. I saw Sophia church, I felt that I did not think big, but very beautiful, it is the Byzantine-style building, the top and the traditional church of Russia, I thought of a church in Moscow, called Vasily, a bit like them .
Around the church and there are a lot of pigeons on the roof, and sometimes fly up, and sometimes fell next to me, a lot of tourists to feed the pigeons, Chinese people are really more! Then I went inside the church, there is a staff to tell visitors the history of the church in Sofia, close to the wall a lot of black and white photographs, it is the history of Harbin.
In the south of China, there is a city name Macow, and it famous for the hotel and casino. According to the Chinese moive, there are players use the poker cheat machine in the casino, like the iPhone 6 poker scanning camera, some people get caught as he win too much money, the casino people check all the device he bring. It is a intersting story in that city, if i have chance, i will come back to the city again.