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Life is like a round of poker game

Landlord family in the central province of a small town in New four-wire, single-door single hospital self-built housing, small town life leisurely, temporarily no pressure, there is a Louzhu sister has married. My wife home in a four-wire neighboring town, home in the mountains, my wife grew up with her father-in-law lives in a district of the local town, now a sophomore brother in law.

I stayed sprouting lovely baby born in this month, this is the whole family happy, but to this day, but many contradictory up.
I think the result will now be described several contradictory things, please give me some advice or criticism.
Rome was not built in a day, the first thing people say that happened a few determined to end before the:
1. Before marriage, i was just lack of money in hand, although I explain some of my money to keep the business turnover, but still can not get an understanding wife and family, has been encouraged to make I find students borrowed my parents wanted to find a way to get money (in fact, the parents had no money on hand, because the house was built just spent their life savings), but finally my parents think of a way to scrape together Qi Caili. Well, I put together a bride price, the woman's home to do what the cost of the wine is made out of me, and finally married his wife over dowry when actually zero, even a pair of socks did not take over. Outrageous is that after marriage, my wife told me all kinds of arguments, one would say that my mother did not give her 500 fee changed, no one will blame me arrange my local best hotel accommodation for her parents (when taking into account the convenience on the arrangements in from the bridal shop next to the hotel, so convenient shuttle), one would then blame me for the 3 gold good (3 gold are both parents before I bought, I bought my wife alone with more than 4,000 diamond ring ).
2. Spring Festival a year of marriage, I had a good discussion with my wife to give my parents each bought a set of clothes, my parents are very happy, after buying finished result, my parents left, his wife began to unbalanced mind, I say blame she did not give their parents to buy things, I was really depressed, this does not do to her house, she comes after me home to her parents to buy, but my wife has been a ton of bricks on the street in front of the face of passing pedestrians yelling at me, then I promised her parents every year to 1000 yuan Chinese New year gift just give up, in the latter years of her parents' house every time I go I have to 1000, and for this I have no opinion, the key is not her bowl of water end flat, I recommend a few New Year's time to give my parents some money, the result is very stingy, ashamed to say, my years of Chinese New Year, did not give their parents a penny.
3. Last summer, my wife and I decided to return home development, to go home for some time, I found my mother always said that the edge of the dish how much money, how much money the food, I take into account fuel, gas, water and electricity had money, household expenditure is indeed not small, but it is not me no income, why eating the old, so I recommend wife, to 500 dollars a month for my mom to let her buy food, and we eat what mom let buy What this also more say, but my wife strongly disagreed, saying that her home little friends are eating at home and drink at home are eating the old, for the fights several times, and finally I had to compromise noisy tired . There are times I secretly wanted to give my mom to let her buy one hundred gas, the result was my wife found me again, and kicked meal, my point is not eating the old, the wife of the view that parents would spend the money, she said after a small partner married, eat, have children, and so the costs are in-laws.
The story is so much like the TV serial about trivial life, just like one of my friend's word, do not let the trivial things to ruin your life. The friend is so much fond of Texas holdem poker game, he will talk about the poker skill and share his own poker tricks with me. He always tells that when other pokers has poker cheat device, even you have good hand cards, but if they still have infrared scanner for iphone analyzer, they can know what cards in your hand.