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A poker infrared camera worth a million

Female landlord, who from a county-level city in western of the Country, is married and has a daughter aged three months. Landlord in public institutions, stable and free, and has a  good job, the annual income of about 50,000, there is room for promotion, but seldeom have chance to increase the salary.


Elderly people are local, opened a small shop, an annual income of about 100,000, and they own a house and  a car. The elderly do not have a house, we need to buy a new larger house nearly two years.

Landlord family background and her husband are in rural areas, are university students, third-Graduation has been ten years, the landlord had previously stayed four years in Shenzhen, Shenzhen deep pressure and vitality. My husband had been to Shenzhen twice, fail and go, the only achievement is to bring me back.
Husband last year has represented a delivery area, but earned only fortunate bitter money, now a friend of logistics information section, be regarded as a partner it, press into revenue money, her husband three boss Seven, two people, is expected to income 80 000 up and down, but her husband did very unhappy, do not think they have to the cause, but he do not know what to do now, the market environment is so bad.
Now, her husband students in Shenzhen opened a foreign trade company, doing well, looking for a reliable person to help, to call her husband in the past, to 200,000 a year.
Their also have a school mate, who is working in a casino, and he has a big house and a luxury car, his parent move to the big city to live with him, and have a giftfriend, and they are already engaged. They are envy his school mate, cause he can earn big money. According to his school mate experiance, if they work with him, they can become super rich too, just need them to hold a computer in another room which connect with a infrared camera. The poker camera can read the ink juice, but others can not do. and they just need to tell them the poker by a spy earpiece. It is simple job.
But they think the risky is high, and they do not know if it is illegal.