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As Super As Poker Shuffler Scanner

Every Casino or poker club shoud have the poker shuffler, if so, you should know how the poker shuffler works, it is very simple, just need to press a botton, that the shuffler machine can shuffler the cards for you. What the poker dealer has to do is deliver the cards to each player. 
Normally there are two button for you to choose, shuffle for 3 times or shuffle for 7 times, and you can choose to take out the playing cards from the top or you can choose to take the playing deck from the bottom of the cards. As players are setting on the table for the poker players, so it is better to choose the cards be taken out from the top. And the shuffle supplier will also has the 
FLUSH MOUNTING KIT for the poker shuffler machine. It is more easy for you to install it on the table.
Due to the technical limit, seldom has technician can install some poker cheating device inside the shuffle, it is very safe to use the shuffle for every players in the casino or poker club, that is the first impression before. But for now, after the technician in buymarkedcards development for years, they just broke this technology bottlenecks on poker shuffler scanner device. They can make the poker scanning camera inside the poker shuffler, that makes the device can connect with the barcode scanner software. And this is super good poker cheat device which cooperate with the poker analyzer iPhone.